So here’s my initial list of lessons learned over the past 30 years working.  More to follow………

Lesson 1: Don’t let age stand in your way (1982)

Lesson 2: All businesses are essentially the same – don’t overcomplicate things (1982)

Lesson 3: Early adoption isn’t always wise (1985)

Lesson 4: Never underestimate the importance of good proof reading (1986)

Lesson 5 : Always try and leave a company on good terms – in case you need to go back! (1987)

Lesson 6: Never prejudge (1988)

Lesson 7: Don’t outstay your welcome (and always check visa restrictions). (1988)

Lesson 8: Never lose hope – there’s often a monk just around the corner. (1988)

Lesson 9: Don’t let a company compromise your own standards. (1989)

Lesson 10: Always make time for a cup of coffee with someone.  You never know where it might lead.  (1989)

Lesson 11: Always stand up for your colleagues. (1993)

Lesson 12: Sometimes you need to take risks. (1996)

Lesson 13: Take time to understand culture and language. (1996)

Lesson 14: Sometimes you need to be very clear in your instructions. (1996)

Lesson 15: Look beyond the obvious (1997)

Lesson 16: Never underestimate the impact one person can have. (1997)

Lesson 17: Never shout at a colleague when dressed as a giant pumpkin!  (1998)

Lesson 18: You reap what you sow.  (2000)