About eight years ago when I lived in Asia, I visited the Gili Islands (just off the island of Lombok in Indonesia) and I LOVED them!  Pretty much deserted and unspoiled, we jumped off our little boat and found a lovely (although basic) bungalow for £2 a night (including breakfast).   All generator powered (no mainland electricity) and no fancy built up hotels – it felt wonderfully remote.


Two weeks ago, I was back in Lombok and excited by the prospect of revisiting these wonderful islands (and showing them off to Kevin and the girls).  I could not have been more disappointed.  Huge telecom towers take away the desert island feel, and the vast numbers of diving/snorkelling boats certainly do not give you a feeling of remoteness.  Even the snorkelling, which I remember being fantastic, was immensely disappointing – the coral reef appearing dull and very damaged.


DSCN0290On a positive note, our little bit of beach on Lombok was perfect – I just worry how long it will remain that way!