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Sleeping Lion provides a comprehensive suite of social media training and development products covering everything from individuals to corporate, from strategy to execution, and from beginner to familiar.



Suitable for anyone who is keen to understand how Social Media works and how to get started using this invaluable tool for business.

The training day covers:

  • How Social Media has turned traditional marketing on its head
  • Questions to ask before you dive in
  • How to start building a strategy
  • The importance of great content
  • Blogs and blogging
  • Facebook and social networks
  • LinkedIn and business networks
  • The wonderful world of Twitter
  • Predictions for the future

End result:

  • By the end of the session you will no longer be baffled by Social Media and will know how to set up your online presence on any or all of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, a Blog andTwitter.


  • Price: £175 per person + VAT
  • Timing: 10am to 2pm
  • Location: Westminster



This workshop is suitable for anyone who knows the basics and has dabbled in Social Media but is lacking a cohesive online strategy. Content applies equally to individuals and smaller companies.

The interactive workshop covers:

  • The new rules of marketing
  • Creating a strategy that works for your customers/clients
  • The importance of great content
  • How to create a great blog
  • Working with Facebook
  • Working with LinkedIn
  • Working with Twitter
  • Working with Google+
  • Working with YouTube
  • Predictions for the future

End result:

  • This comprehensive outlook converts a random patchwork of online presence into a genuinely valuable suite of online assets that truly does justice to your business


  • Price: £250 per person + VAT
  • Timing: 10am to 4pm
  • Location: Westminster



This is a bespoke workshop specifically designed to meet your company’s needs.

The strategy day covers:

  • All elements from the individual Strategy Workshop
  • Plus a full analysis of your company’s current online assets
  • Review of activity in your sector
  • Development of a bespoke strategy
  • Examples of execution and content for the future
  • Action plan for handover to you or your own staff

End result:

  • This sorts out a congruent Social Media strategy for your company in one day, and begins the process of educating you and your staff in content management thereafter.


  • Price: £900 per day + VAT
  • Timing: 10am to 4pm
  • Location: Your company offices



In addition to the workshops, I offer an audit of current Social Media activities with full report and suggested recommendation for future strategy.

This covers:

  • Sector overview and context
  • Short-term monitoring of online activity in the sector
  • Analysis of your company’s activity
  • Findings and recommendations for the future

End result:

  • This provides an immediate snapshot of online activity in your market and how you currently come across against that backdrop. It suggests remedies and improvements for the future.


  • Price: £500-£1500 per audit + VAT (depending on the scope of work)
  • Timing: Typically one week, but may require longer in certain sectors



The best Social Media campaigns are generated from within and regular activity and content generation quickly becomes a natural part of a company’s wider communications. However, to kick start an effective Social Media strategy, I can provide initial set-up and short-term content management, followed by a transitional handover to you or one of your staff.

End result:

  • This gets your Social Media strategy underway without the cost of hiring an agency or a bespoke member of staff. It allows you some time to test drive ideas and the see the value of Social Media to your business, whilst training up a suitable employee who can carry on the good work.

Price and Timing:

  • Set-up (including Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+): £2000 + VAT
  • Set-up plus content x 1 month: £3000 + VAT
  • Set-up plus content x 2 months: £4000 + VAT
  • Set-up plus content x 3 months*: £5000 + VAT

*3 months is the recommended maximum. By then a company really should have fully embraced this new approach to marketing and feel comfortable managing it and driving content themselves.