It recently occurred to me that exactly 30 years ago, two landmark things happened in my life.   Firstly, I started working (a Saturday and after school job at the local greengrocers).  And secondly, I stepped foot on my first aeroplane (to the country then known as Yugoslavia).

Since then travel has been my passion.  I’ve been lucky enough to lie on deserted beaches in Thailand, walk on glaciers in Patagonia, and swim with whale sharks in Mexico and rays in Belize.  I’ve watched big cats in Africa, tigers in India and bears in Canada.  I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, visited the Mausoleums of Lenin in Moscow, Mau in Beijing and Ho Chi Ming in Saigon, and looked up at Christ the Redeemer in Rio.  I’ve stared in awe at great waterfalls, deep canyons, and erupting volcanoes.  I’ve burst into tears on countless occasions, overwhelmed by this beautiful planet of ours.   I’ve included here on my new-look blog some of my favourite photos: WILDLIFE  PLACES

And the work bit has proved quite interesting too!  From those early days at the greengrocers, to being one of the first (and last!) telefax operators in the city.  From holiday repping in Majorca to running a karaoke bar in Corfu.  And then the more grown-up stuff – working at one of the best hotels in the world, having life-changing jobs in Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia, and finally setting up my own consultancy – Sleeping Lion.

It really does prove that anything is possible.  When the time is right, the Sleeping Lion can do whatever she sets her heart on.

So in addition to general social media stuff, I have decided to change my blog and include the lessons I have learnt over the past 30 years of work and travel.  It may take me a few months to retrace the steps, but here goes………