ThinkingI now run many social media workshops for companies and one of the bits I find the most rewarding is working with them to come up with creative ideas and content for them to properly engage with their clients and potential customers (see

There was a great Infographic recently on (probably my favorite website) on Understanding Viral Content Marketing ( Among other pearls of wisdom, it outlined Reasons We Share – namely:

1. It is absolutely hilarious
2. It is incredible or unbelievable
3. It is deeply emotional
4. It agrees with our worldview
5. It makes us stop and think
6. It isn’t covered by mainstream media
7. It will make someone smile
8. It is dramatic
9. It is embarrassing
10. It is provocative

The truth is that here, on my own blog, I’ve failed to commit the time and energy to work out a reason for being or a ‘strategy’ for content. So, I have decided it’s time to practise what I preach – 2012 is going to be my year!

Watch this space …………

Happy Christmas everyone.